Bing Maps - Lead Generation Campaign
We provided
Strategy + Creative + Media Planning/Buying
Spark developed a multi-channel, integrated lead generation campaign for Avnet Electronics Marketing to promote Microsoft Bing Maps. The objective of the campaign was to build awareness and drive leads among Independent Software Vendors and application developers in specific verticals for Bing Maps through cross-channel marketing.
Spark created a lead generation campaign that integrated social, display, PPC and retargeting channels to drive leads for the Avnet sales team. Spark produced the campaign graphics as well as strategy and has executed the campaign for each quarter of 2016, updating the concept and graphics every 90 days.
To date, the campaign has driven 96% of website traffic via social (34%) display (16%) and paid search (46%) channels and boasts an above average lead conversion rate of 2.2%, significantly higher than the 0.06% average clickthrough rate of display ads across all formats and placements. Spark worked closely with Avnet marketing and sales teams in order to optimize campaign weekly to ensure delivery of qualified leads.
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