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emPower is an online, digital publication created to enable Avnet executive leaders to communicate directly to Avnet employees worldwide through an online, digital publication that generates real-time reporting and allows the entire EM executive team to contribute to the publication.
Spark produces the 20-25 page publication semi-annually with specific attention to large, captivating graphics and infographics created specifically for the article theme and content. Spark also creates the promotional video that is distributed to all employees via email.
The results for emPower are tremendously positive. The online format allows employees to share the publication with suppliers and customers around the globe. It increases employees’ exposure to areas such as finance, marketing and regional trends and strategies. Employees average approximately 22 pages read at an average 8 minutes per page, showing their acceptance and support for the publication.
Spark has been the driving creative force behind emPower since its inception as a traditional print publication and evolution to its current digital format.
Employees read 90% of the publication at an average 8 minutes per page.
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