Spark Joins the Tempe Chamber

For the very first time in twenty years, Spark has joined the Tempe Chamber. Why join the Chamber after so long, you ask?

Well for one, Spark was built on relationships. In fact, we’ve never had a contract with a client. I guess you could say that we’ve always done business “on a handshake”. It’s important that our clients get results, not paperwork, and it’s served us well. So, we’ve joined the Chamber to make more, lasting relationships.

Secondly, we’ve been busy! Spark supports the non-profit community through in-kind donations and volunteerism. We work closely with the Miracle League of Arizona, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and Spark of Hope Foundation. We’ve gained a lot of good friends and partnerships along the way, and while we’re still supporting these causes, we feel we can put more on our plate. We want to give back!

Most importantly, we want to be a bigger part of the great business community in Tempe. You’ve likely heard the term “Tempe Rising” in reference to the economic boom happening in downtown. The boom is bringing top companies, fresh talent, and new ideas– and that fuels our creativity!